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Skytech Imaging

Industrial & Commercial

Aerial Imagery

We are Southern Alberta's leader in industrial and commercial aerial services.
We are visual production company, specializing in aerial drone videography and photography
Partnered with Mavick Media we offer Cinematic Aerial Work.

Our philosophy and mission

Drones have become a common and popular tool to capture images and video in an amazing new way. At Skytech we take this technology to the next level giving commercial, industrial, government, and agricultural clients a new advantage.

Beautiful aerial photography and video That serves a purpose.


As a media company there are many situations where my clients need more than what I can offer. Skytech Imaging has always been there for my clients when advanced operations are needed. Their level of professionalism is unparalleled as is their skill level.

Mavick Media

Mavick Media

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(403) 894 7230

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